Is my printer stuffed? Pixma 5000 Canon

clair4, Aug 3, 7:01am
Have tried everything and also changed both black cartridges.Colour works fine but it will not print out black text. It prints out colour text only.
Printer is too good to throw out.Any ideas!I have been into properties and cleaned etc to no avail.

threesenuf, Aug 3, 7:08am
have you tried ringing Canon

clair4, Aug 3, 7:26am
No I did not think of that.Will probaby do that on Monday.

drsr, Aug 3, 8:18am
It's probably a clogged print head, the basic procedure to clean it is here:

You can also try forcing warm water through with a syringe if this doesn't work.

ceebee2, Aug 3, 11:09am
Excellent article DSR

deodar1, Aug 4, 7:52am
But what are you doing with a syringe apart from cleaning out your heads!

deodar1, Aug 4, 7:54am
Use a clean needle clair4 or your printer may get HIV.Canon have no answer to that one.

drsr, Aug 4, 8:57am

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