Acer eMachines eM350 Camera drivers missing

bella95, Aug 4, 12:43am
This has been reset to factory settings and has 'lost' it's webcam.
Been to the Acer website and downloaded drivers but can't seem to install them.
Would be grateful for any help.
Don't know much about comps so hope I've posted enough useful info:
OS; Microsoft XP Home Edition,
Processor: Intel Atom N450 -1.66 GHz,667MHz FSB ,
Intel NM10 chipset pine trail express,
1GB DDR2 RAM memory Primary Memory,
160 GB SATA HDD Cache Memory:
~512 KB L2 cache Card Reader:
~Multi-in-1 card reader Connectivity:
~Wi-Fi WiFi 802.11b/g/n USB:
CrystalBrite display Resolution: Screen resolutions of 1024 x 600 pixels

king1, Aug 4, 1:35am
if you have a type inf file in the drivers - r/click install
if you have a type exe file in the drivers - double click install
if you have a type zip file in the drivers - extract first then above

Otherwise, tell us how and what happens when you try to install

bella95, Aug 8, 7:03am
Hi. Thanks for that. Sorry about slow reply I was waiting for my daughter to get back to me as comp is with her. Apparently she has already tried that but no luck.

chnman, Aug 8, 7:41am

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