Brother printer issue - repair or replace

jojo76, Aug 1, 11:19pm
I have a bother A3 mulitfunction printer which is about 2 years old now.It has an error '36' come up all the time, i just usually unplug it - the plug it in again it does a clean of heads then works.till the next time i print.
Ive read online that it could have a mechanical issue which would need to be repaired.
So now the it worth getting a printer fixed! By the time i send it away (courier cost) then the reapirs, could cost more than a new one.
What would you do.just get a new one!

pericles, Aug 1, 11:20pm
new one, they are cheap as chips now days

blans, Aug 1, 11:27pm
if you get a new one try for one that uses your same cartridges ,we all know how many $$$ they are

hakatere1, Aug 1, 11:29pm
Or, have a look here:

morab, Aug 2, 12:33am
Thats all very good but they dont deal in Brother printers

squashgirl, Aug 2, 1:34am
2 scoops of Brother please.

hakatere1, Aug 2, 3:21am
Oh ok. They used to.

floydbloke, Aug 2, 6:24am
Cheapest A3 printer I can see on pricespy is $377, that's about a 100 scoops of chips.
There are some good things to check halfway down this page:
(once you scroll passed the Indianglish)
Failing that, maybe take it back to where you bought it and claim warranty/cga.Being A3 it can possibly be considered a higher end printer and should arguably last more than 2 years.

jojo76, Aug 2, 8:33am
I thought i would use A3 sheets alot (kids projects) but i don't, so won't be looking at another A3 printer.As far a being under warranty i think it has a 2 year warranty and i think is got it just under 2 years ago.BUT if have used non-genuine cartidges, and i think i may have voided any warranty.stupid i know, but i did'nt think id have an issues.
I have looked inside and searched for any bits of paper, around the printer head, but can't see anything

eurika, Aug 2, 8:42am
Try Googling "Brother printer error 36" there are several results

thewomble1, Aug 3, 10:50am
As long asnon-genuine cartridges have not caused the problem you should be still OK. Put some genuine cartridges in and then take back to the retailer.

bitsy_boffin, Aug 3, 3:03pm
If you don't need A3, I have bought lots of standard brother multi functions (and occasionally other brands, but I prefer brother since they are easy to fill yourself) on TradeMe for literally $1 each, often with cables and sometimes even ink, I really have to try and stop myself, you can only use so many printers. but for a buck each it seems rude to not buy em, even just to rip them apart, they are chock full of interesting useful parts.

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