Microsoft outlook for Mac help

weelenor, Aug 1, 11:49am
Hi Hopefully someone can help me.

I use my mac with microsoft outlook.I am wanting to create an archive for all my old emails that i need to keep.I would like this to be able to be viewed via outlook with out using up my online mailbox size.

Does this make sense!I am not very good with IT so please bare with me if i ask silly questions

black-heart, Aug 1, 12:39pm
Create a personal folder, or use the auto archive feature.

king1, Aug 1, 8:52pm
Pretty sure mac version doesn't auto archive, struck that issue with a client recently, but you might be able to set up a message rule to copy everything coming in via your email account to a new personal folder,

setup a new personal folder in the data file management section somewhere.

weelenor, Aug 1, 11:41pm
i had a section that says "MY COMPUTER" but when i archived using a rule the messages disappeared and they seem to be saved on my mailbox still!My IT Friend is trying to help but he is in the UK so the time difference is driving me crazy!

gibler, Aug 2, 6:11am

vtecintegra, Aug 2, 6:12am
Its much easier these days to just use an account that gives you a large limit, Gmail or are two big (free) examples

weelenor, Aug 3, 12:16am
Thanks Gibler.

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