ADSL vs ADSL2+ Inline filters

timmo1, Aug 1, 11:59pm
So, we recently changed ISPs from Telecom to Telstra and with it got a new ADSL2 modem and ADSL2+ filter where before it was an older ADSL modem and filters- I've noticed some really bad lag spikes playing world of tanks with Telstra whereas before it was fine.

I just noticed an ADSL filter on our other phone jack (and I just just took it out) andwas wondering if this could have been the issue! I'll see if things improve but just thought it would be interesting to see if that could have been it!

king1, Aug 2, 12:40am
Filters are the same for ADSL/ADSL2 but they do go bad and are cheap as chips to replace.Every phone / fax / sky decoder needs one or should be unplugged.

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