How do I increase font size on my printer?

morrisjvan, Aug 1, 10:48pm
Help , I am trying to print out my bank statements,and I usually just hit print and out it comes, but this time it is printing really small .How do I fix this! epson nx220 printer , windows vista. thanx.

r.g.nixon, Aug 1, 10:56pm
Are you bank statements PDF files! If so, they have a fixed size. You would have to convert it to an image and crop it; then print it 'stretched to fit page'.

morrisjvan, Aug 1, 11:04pm
They used to print fine so I'm thinking some settings have been altered some how.

king1, Aug 1, 11:08pm
Has the layout changed at all - maybe the bank has altered the font size in the document they are delivering to you

morrisjvan, Aug 1, 11:13pm
the layout looks the same, and is fine to look at on the screen ,but just won't print big enough , I can alter the font size on screen ,but makes no difference when I print out. i'm sure that I have come across this problem before , but can't remember how I resolved it !

shaneo2, Aug 1, 11:31pm
What does it look like in print preview before you print!

morrisjvan, Aug 2, 12:04am
small.But I;ve printed it out any way, it'll have to do.

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