Advice re purchase of laser or inkjet printer

cobs, Jul 30, 11:36pm
Hi - would really like some advice please. Need to replace the Epson RX430 Inkjet printer - it's costing way too much in ink (full set every month) and is now not printing too great. Still scans fine so will keep it for that - only scan 3 or 4 docs per mth. I print approx. 10 -15 pages, single sided, per day - currently coloured logo with black text but could easily go all black. Use a laptop and desk top both wireless so a wireless printer would be nice! Currently use a Telecom Thompson wireless modem - would a printer work with that! Should I look for another inkjet or go for a laser!Any advice much appreciated - don't want to spend a fortune - just want something with reasonable quality and cost effective overall.Thanks in advance!

shaneo2, Jul 30, 11:49pm
Go laser for sure. It will cost you more at the outset but with the quantity you are printing you will get that back fairly quickly not having to buy ink all the time.You would save even more going mono chrome (black and white) laser.

Be aware of the terms drum life, toner capacity and fuser life when looking.

cobs, Jul 30, 11:55pm
Thank you Shaneo2 - any preferred brand! About how much so I be looking to spend!

shinedog, Jul 31, 12:37am
Check with someone like cartridge world re refill options on the model your thinking about buying, it's much cheaper to get them refilled than buying a new one every time, (laser printer cartridges).

lythande1, Jul 31, 2:23am
Actually no. What you need to do is look at how many pages you get per either cartridge (ink) or Toner(Laser).
You can go and buy some cheap laser and have the same problem cause it does bugger all pages.
You need to research the models.
For instance, looking at your current one:!idcategory=1732&idproduct=6075
290 pages! Even worse tan most. Mine does 1100.
You get the same thing with lasers so don't think laser=more just because it's a laser.

newbie5, Jul 31, 2:27am
As with any purchase have a look around and compare models and prices.
You may get one shop having a special on a certain model whereas the other shop is not
And as mention above check out the cost of replacement toners for the laser
either new or refilled

cobs, Jul 31, 2:45am
Thanks all - I will start having a look around.

steve1262, Jul 31, 9:24am
go laser! spent way to much being ripped of for ink cartridges! got brother 2130 in jan still going strong from day of purchase,printing round 20-30 pages a week,

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