System restore ? advice please

Using Win7 and IE9, and after a Youtube password reset I seem to have stuffed up and now some foreign language Google seems determined to become my search engine.

I have found that a system restore would take me back to a date before it happened, but cannot be undone!should I take it to a techie!

geek_nitpnz, Jul 31, 7:32 am

so you have 'some foreign language google ' as your search engine !
what - when you're searching wtih internet explorer/firefox/google chrome ! what !

geek_drcspy, Jul 31, 8:10 am

oh and system restore can normally be undone - be VERY careful you''re not referring to system recovery that's QUITE different to system restore

geek_drcspy, Jul 31, 8:11 am

going to
start> control panel > backup and restore!is this OK!

geek_nitpnz, Jul 31, 8:25 am

No. Look in your start menu programs - under Accessories.

geek_r.g.nixon, Jul 31, 8:34 am

start > accessories > system tools > system restore

geek_chnman, Jul 31, 8:37 am

Accessories leads to the same restore point as
start> control panel > backup and restore
so it must be OK and NOT system recovery!

geek_nitpnz, Jul 31, 8:49 am

TNX drcspy, I guess we've cleared that up, so I'm biting the bullet. ::/

geek_nitpnz, Jul 31, 8:55 am

have you checked you regional settings in the control panel - maybe its got messed up there -if its set to say india google will display the google page for india.

geek_king1, Jul 31, 8:56 am

after the system restore I can use google as a search, but the sidebar shows


Pesquisa GoogleEstou com sorte

Fazer login

but the searched-for item is in english

geek_nitpnz, Jul 31, 10:02 am

geek_king1, Jul 31, 10:26 am willalways bounce you to the regional google site based on your regional settings.Can also happen if your using an anonymous VPN via some country.

geek_king1, Jul 31, 10:30 am

YES - the Brazil sidebar is what I am getting since I had to ask YOUTUBEfor RESET my password.I don't use any anonymous VPN via some country settings and my language is New Zealand english

It must be undoable!

geek_nitpnz, Jul 31, 10:44 am

on the google page click the cog top right - click search settings
Check under languages and locations - perhaps reset the location

geek_king1, Jul 31, 11:13 am

tried several times. Cannot understand the language!hl=pt-BR

geek_nitpnz, Jul 31, 3:11 pm

geek_king1, Jul 31, 3:31 pm

otherwise on!hl=pt-BR

click on 'idiomas'
you should see a button to the right that says 'portugues Brasil'
click it and roll up the list to 'ingles'
click 'Salvar' at the bottom

geek_king1, Jul 31, 3:41 pm

been and done that now. TY hope it works, I will reboot and then check again.

geek_nitpnz, Jul 31, 4:23 pm

Still working after reboot
I LOVE YOU! so very many thanks for your patience and help. You can take the rest of the day off !

geek_nitpnz, Jul 31, 4:44 pm