Broken adsl filters or dodgey phone line?

legaxy, Jul 29, 6:37am
Whenever I call my home line the phone rings once then appears to pick up with a rough crackling sound then disconnects.This happens regardless of whether the ADSL filter in plugged in or not (only one phone line in the house as far as I know).When router+adsl filter are plugged in incoming phone calls will cause the internet to disconnect.On the cordless phone I can't dial out, I hear a dial tone but dialing a number doesn't work, figured it was the cordless causing issues, so swapped it with an old corded handset and that will let me dial out, but same problem with incoming calls.

Before I suffer through a lengthy call with slingshot and then have a Chorus technician come out and charge me $40 for the privileged of telling me that the ADSL filter needs to be replaced or some other crap, is there anyone else who has had this happen or know the cause!It's only been happening about a week and nothing has changed in the setup in that time.

0900oxocube, Jul 29, 7:01am
Could be the filter as (When router+adsl filter are plugged in incoming phone calls will cause the internet to disconnect) is a sign.

drcspy, Jul 29, 7:02am
get another filter they're only $10 if that.

spyware, Jul 29, 7:05am
You shouldn't be using inline filters anyway, a master splitter filter installed at demarcation point is a way better solution and improves sync rate in most cases.

Your problem will most likely involve Chorus anyway.

little_egypt, Jul 29, 7:07am
Unplug EVERYTHING . router included. Then call your number from your cellphone. I bet it will still hang up.

I've seen this fault many times before. It's caused by moisture in the phone line, usually on Telecom's side of the network. With only normal loop voltage everything seems OK but the ringing voltage causes a current which is enough to 'answer' the incoming call immediately, and then drop the call just as quickly because there's no longer any ring voltage.

drcspy, Jul 29, 7:13am
maybe but 98% of BB hone customers use filters without issue

legaxy, Jul 29, 7:27am
Yep, it rings once and hangs up when everything is disconnected.

This seems a likely answer since it's been raining the last week (except a few days) and I've had the internet drop off whenever it's been raining in the past.Who's responsible for waterproofing the junction box!

Last time this was happening (only the internet was dropping off though, I hardly use the phone) I called my ISP and they had someone from Chorus come out and tell me that if it was my fault I'd have to pay $40 or something, then told me it was my ADSL filter and there was nothing wrong with their equipment.Fortunately I never saw a bill or debit on my account.

little_egypt, Jul 29, 7:32am
Chorus ;-)

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