Brand new Acer windows 7, won't turn on or off

hasy, Jul 28, 6:57am
Help we bought it yesterday we thought we had turned it off, came back to it a hour or so later. The blue on switch was on but the screen black. I tried to turn it off, the blue light would not go off. No matter what I did even when disconnect it from wall, it didn't do anything. Also the light on the front side also would not go off.
Can anyone help please

stevel_knievel, Jul 28, 7:01am

rawill, Jul 28, 7:03am
If it was new take it back, well take it back anyway.

black-heart, Jul 28, 7:04am
pull the battery out.

volkier, Jul 28, 7:08am
Violence solves everything.

hasy, Jul 28, 7:11am
Sorry yes it is a labtop - my first one.

king1, Jul 28, 7:11am
push and hold power button until it shuts down - not a 'nice' shutdown just a last resort

hasy, Jul 28, 7:22am
Thank you [king] I did what you suggested and it worked!

chnman, Jul 28, 7:31am
Laptop probably turned off the display after a preset time. Then after that, it will "go to sleep" if you leave it a while longer. You can change what happens by using the power options.

_sms_, Jul 28, 7:39am
Yeah I hope it wasn't doing windows updates since it's brand new.

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