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coolcort, Jul 20, 11:05am
What do you think of them always seem to be low in hard drive except the latest E machines relyability is a plus i have had one for six or so years probably 8 to 10 years old only been in for service twice needs replacing now out of date programes ect

deodar1, Jul 20, 11:10am
Acer make good vacuum cleaners-they suck!

r.g.nixon, Jul 20, 11:27am
Acer are the lowest quality laptops available.

gibler, Jul 20, 11:31am
I'd rather get a tank to drive over my testicles, than buy Acer.

mantagsi, Jul 20, 11:44am
Ouch. but can't find myself disagreeing!

suicidemonkey, Jul 20, 12:04pm
Agree with all of the above. except maybe the bit about the tank

black-heart, Jul 20, 8:49pm
I've been selling them for 2-3 years and had no returns. I don't do e-machines, or atoms, been sticking to i5's and greater. Slick machines,the SSD ultrabooks are just as good as any other brand.

learner2, Jul 20, 9:44pm
Wish I had never bought mine, I hummed and harred over whether to get the Acer or a more expensive well known brand.Wish i had gone for the more expensive brand.

rawill, Jul 21, 5:05am
I have had 3 Acers and 1 Compaq Presario CQ61, I never had an issue except with any, except for the Bios issue in the little Aspire One netbook that we used overseas for 3 months. That issue that was easily fixed by loading a new Bios supplied by Acer.

My local repair agent likes the after sales service and availabilty of parts from Acer.

cameragod, Jul 21, 8:07am
I have an Acer tablet for a year and it is still very good.

vtecintegra, Jul 21, 8:10am
The cheap models from any brand are the same story - corners get cut in the interests of price.

pecka, Jul 21, 9:02am
never buy Acer! cheap and nasty. shit service department. would never have anything of Acer again! take our word for it.

strobo, Jul 21, 6:09pm
Stripped my acer out & did a decent rebuild , the case was about the only good in the acer name here lol

lythande1, Jul 21, 6:27pm
Reliability is crap.
Having been a tech for a long time, I can tell you they are one of the most common to have hardware failures, especially the shitty ECS motherboards in them. Your one and only lasting long is not the way to establish reliability.

Reliability is done by how many returns out of a 1000 or more.
Not 1.

rawill, Jul 21, 9:56pm

austingtir, Jul 21, 10:00pm
Asus for the win.

coolcort, Jul 23, 1:33am
Seems more against than for, earlier ones and some late have small hard drives for some reason some of the components are common to several makes i guess most have problems at some stage how about suggestions about good fast relyable computors i dont have the knowhow to build my own setup

doctor_evil99, Jul 23, 1:36am
Google acer reliability and you'll find lots of surveys on customers reliability.Acer often came near the bottom.Asus mostly top of the list

drcspy, Jul 23, 1:41am
hard drives are ridiculously easy to upgrade.and you can't build your own laptop.desktop sure

wardz4, Jul 23, 2:20am
Have a powerful Acer quad core laptop 8Gb Ram. (well they were reasonable powerful two years ago!).Now on third hard drive. And Harvey Normal weren't going to replace the last one free of charge until they realised I understood the CGA !

wardz4, Jul 23, 2:23am
haha -just reading my own comment -that wasn't an intentional spelling mistake with the store name !Perhaps I should have said Hardly Normal.

pcmaster, Jul 23, 2:36am
I hate their laptops but their desktops are OK, at least they don't use proprietary hardware, so you can actually replace the power supply and/or other bits to something better without too much hassle. unlike with HP/Compaqs

drcspy, Jul 23, 2:43am
well acer dont' make harddrives .theres something odd there if it's killing them.

drcspy, Jul 23, 2:43am
do you know the original brand of drive in the machine, the 2nd drive brand and the last !

purplegoanna, Jul 23, 3:46am
ACER are crap.i would neva eva eva eva eva get another acer.

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