Wireless adapter

courts1, Jul 25, 7:41am
Hi.just wanting to know about a wireless adapter.my children have been given a laptop that i want to use with my wireless modem but apparently i need a wireless adapter( hasnt got an inbuilt one).it is an acer laptop.lots for sale on Tm just wanting to know which sort of adapter is best to buy.simple enough probably but not for me :).any advice be great.thank you :)

kevin16, Jul 25, 7:57am
what model acer!

courts1, Jul 25, 7:59am
hi.it is a TravelMate 2300.

kevin16, Jul 25, 8:15am
hi, looks like you can get an internal card! for that model but you'd have to physically check first, maybe an acer guru can be more helpful,.

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