TV almost time for a new one - advice please.

wron, Jul 23, 6:01am
I currently have a German made widescreen 100HZ CRT tv which gives an excellent picture but things are starting to go wrong ie the remote control functions have recently died - not really a disaster as I run most things through MySky including the all important mute and I can use the front control if I really need to.
Anyway a new telly (40" size range as don't have a big room) will need to have HDMI connections to accomodate MySky and my older Panasonic DVD hard drive recorder which I use for making dvd copies from my video camera. I'll also want to buy and connect a stand alone Blueray dvd player. I currently put sound through my stereo system so not ready for a home theatre set up just yet. Consumer mag have just reviewed the latest batch of flat screens and their top pick in the 40 size is a Samsung UA40EH6000M ($1199, 200HZ) but it only has 2 HDMI in sockets and isn't scored highly for ease of use - small buttons on remote, but top rated for sound, picture, DVD and Blueray
Any ideas on what sort of features I should be looking for! Am I correct in thinking I need a screen with more HDMI in sockets! I also want to be able to plug my old video camera in but that isn't HD and just uses the 3 coloured RCA system which the Samsung has.
I watch movies / sport so want a decent refresh rate which most screens seem to have these days.

bigsteve10, Jul 23, 6:05am
It won't be easy to find a tele with more than 2 hdmi inputs, sorry to say

vtecintegra, Jul 23, 6:07am
Nah its easy - Panasonic all have at least three, and Sony only does two on their most budget models.

You only need HDMI for newer devices though -

bigsteve10, Jul 23, 6:23am
My brand new 2 week old Panasonic only has 2

vtecintegra, Jul 23, 6:26am
Really! What model!

My $500 42" LCD has three and its the most basic one

e. Looks like they've cut back on newer models. Still easy to get three of more though if you pay a bit more

ropes2, Jul 23, 6:26am
There's usually one in the front panel too, under a cover.

ropes2, Jul 23, 6:30am
WRON: Sounds like the negatives of that TV recommended by Consumer Mag arent going to be that important to you anyway - as you say, you dont use the TV remote much. and they're easy to replace to another if you need to anyway. 2 HDMI sockets is all you need for your MySky and then just interchange a Blu-Ray/DVD burner as needed - you wont need them on all the time or at the same time I'm guessing.

spyware, Jul 23, 6:31am
Totally wrong. Most of the Samsungs have 4. Samsung UA40EH6000M is entry level rubbish however and I would not recommend. UA46D6600 is a good choice.

gabbysnana, Jul 23, 6:59am
I have a small room with a 50 inch panasonic plasma, now I want bigger.

gibler, Jul 23, 7:00am
big . plasma .full HD .warm room . enjoy.

nowittle, Jul 23, 7:45am
dick smith have a 46 led lcd smart tv with wifi, camera keyboard and mouse 3 hdmi ports 2 usb for 1299 with epg and pvr( need external recording storage eg hard drive or usb stick)

spyware, Jul 23, 7:51am
46 is good for viewing from 2 metres or so. OK in any small lounge. Having said that I would have gone 50 but still think 55 is too big at that distance.

wron, Jul 23, 8:29am
Spyware, I presume the UA46D6600 you mention is a 46in and wasn't in the test, might be too big for the space I have, restricted by a free standing wood burner! The ratings for the smaller model Consumer liked were out of 10 in each category. Only tv (they tested) to beat it was another Samsung, the UA55ES8000 which scored 1 point more for a total of 75 out of a 100 and has 3 HDMI slots. That's definitely too big! 3 other tvs scored 74, the PanasonicTH-P50SST50Z, LG 50PA6500 and LG 50PA4500 (last 2 plasma) but these are all too big. All others scored less.

mattnzw, Jul 23, 9:45am
The budget ones have limited connections to cut down the price. Mine has 4, but is mid range Sony.

mattnzw, Jul 23, 9:45am
Brand! I wouldn't go for a house or no name brand.

shinedog, Jul 23, 9:32pm
Yep.big-as plasma all the way! :~}

tigra, Jul 23, 10:59pm
Arent Sharp doing a super big one - 70""!

jamjars05, Jul 23, 11:06pm
the easiest way to choose what you want is to go to a shop, ask for one with all the features you need, and buy it.
if you are price driven then you will always get less then what you want, in terms of features and inputs.
most budget models you see on special are not full HD and only have 2 HDMI inputs at most and usually one hybrid composite/component input.

badcam, Jul 23, 11:54pm
The pricing now is so tempting. $860 for an LG Full HD 50" Plasma, and I could have picked it up with a stand worth around $400 for less than $800 cash.

22y, Jul 25, 6:51am
Plasma is a super reflective screen, much like a mirror when off. If you have alot of light and windows. you would be best to close curtains or consider an lcd or led.

vtecintegra, Jul 25, 6:56am
The better ones have pretty decent anti-glare these days.

Not all LCDs are the same in that regard either - some of the cheaper ones are quite glossy

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