Fax noise in phone - new printer/fax

plumba2nurse, Jul 22, 10:12pm
Hoping some bright spark can answer this probably very simple question!
Got a new printer/fax.Have separate phone and fax numbers - if its a fax it does a different ring.
Since I have new one if I don't get to the phone quick enough that god awful fax noise screams down the phone!
So annoying!
Is it a telecome thing I need to ring about!Got the right phone cord in I think too.all setting on fax test on printer come back as correct

king1, Jul 22, 10:37pm
You need to look in the menu for the printer and turn faxability on.It might also be called 'distinctive ring' in which case set it to single ring.

plumba2nurse, Jul 22, 11:04pm
Thanks so much - I think I have fixed it!

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