Samsung Galaxy S2 & Exchange server not syncing

Hi there, hopefully someone has a fix or a work around for this. I have set up my S2 to the exchange server & everything sync's fine apart from the calendar. I have tried various fixes I have found via google & cleared the calendar & deleted the account and re-set it up etc but nothing seems to be working. Emails, tasks, contacts all sync but if I make changes on the phone they are not appearing on the computer, if I make changes on the computer they show up in my web based outlook but don't transfer over to the phone. Any suggestions greatly appreciated

geek_monid, Jul 21, 4:13 am

is there an option to turn sync off\on for each bit! like on Blackberry you can turn on wireless sync of calendar! what Exchange version!
I've had no issues with Windows Phone and Exchange 2007 (not sure about SPs and RUs). Are there other phones setup and working!

geek_ruderger, Jul 21, 8:27 pm

yeah you can turn each bit off, have tried that with no joy. Not sure which exchange version guessing its a pretty new one though as its through an IT company. There are other phones set up & working but they are not Galaxy's. It is really starting to bug me now

geek_monid, Jul 22, 6:00 am

there is a know issue with the S2 where even with sync contacts unchecked it will still sync contacts with an exchange server, to prevent this get a decent firewall app and block the connection for syncing the contacts

geek_moo, Nov 12, 2:44 am