Is this tablet ok for some family fun.

ammaboysie, Jul 20, 8:13am
We have three kids under 6 and hubby and i. We just want to have some fun, be able to check emails, facebook, skype etc. Dont want to store huge amounts of data as we have a lappie. The boys love their grandies ipads but we dont have the $$$ for one of those. Thanks

gibler, Jul 20, 8:31am
cheap Android tablet. don't go there!

king1, Jul 20, 8:32am
<<<==== search 'tablet' in last month.

been discussed a few times, they seem to be considered cheap and nasty.

gilco2, Jul 20, 8:36am
probably okay for what you want.Some of these are cheap and nasty. Just dont expect Ipad or Asus Transformer quality.If I wanted one now i would consider it.

drsr, Jul 20, 8:52am
It will probably work initially, but will be slow, have poor battery life, and may stop working at a moment's notice with no comeback for you because it's being supplied direct from China.

If you can stretch to $439 you could get the Google Nexus 7 from a local seller with full warranty.

jancemord, Jul 20, 9:09am
$229 towards an iPad

mantagsi, Jul 20, 11:54am
For a couple of hundred I got an HP touchpad off Trademe with Android ice cream sandwich, runs perfectly. Good (well, good enough for me) hardware cheap and a nice OS and I couldn't be happier

waihekeshells, Jul 21, 12:22am
For the record I bought one of these! Not 100% sure if its the same one because I couldn't open the link you mentioned.I cannot for the life of me get the wireless internet connection to work.I have been in touch (it took 8 weeks to get here !) with Yazoom who have been helpful but I probalby will be returning this piece of **** .For $100 i could have put it towards something a little more reputable.Any ideas on that one anyone!Only for ferry commuting to take up time. please suggestions welcome.

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