High end Gaming Mobo

pecka, Jul 20, 2:47am
Ok! im looking at building a new Gaming rig, been looking at the Rampage extreme and the sabertooth, Any other suggestions
I want to run SLIwith 64gigs ram , chip set im looking at is the 2011 6-core
Am i missing something that i should be looking at.

mush13, Jul 20, 5:44am
Yep, value for money :)

suicidemonkey, Jul 20, 10:00am
Sorry but 64 gigs of RAM is absolutely pointless. I run new games, edit HD video, run After Effects and Photoshop and often have many of these programs open at the same time. I monitor my RAM usage and i've NEVER seen Windows 7 use more than 10GB of RAM.

Totally pointless to have any more than 16GB. 64GB is just wasting money.

Same goes for 6 core CPUs in my opinion. A decent quad core Ivy Bridge i7 will handle anything you throw at it. A 6 core may come in handy for encoding video, but no game will benefit.

As for the mobo, I had the Rampage III Extreme. It has lots of features which I never used. A mobo half the price will do the same job.

It frustrates me when people go all-out on high end gaming machines when games simply do not benefit from maxed out specs. The best thing you can spend your money on is the video cards.

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