2 Talk with iPhone 3G - Loss of Net in Sleep Mode

Afternoon All.

Overview:Jailbroken Australian iPhone on the Vodafone NZ Network,iOS 3.2.1 as later versions produce a somewhat laggy effect on the older 3G.2Talk to make international cheap calls.I'm not using the phone to connect to 3G only to WiFi.

Problem:If the iPhone is left it enters sleep mode which kicks the phone off of Wifi which consequently renders my 2Talk number uncontactable.I've tried to use SIP clients to port the 2talk number through which perhaps might use push notifications but the iOS 3.2.1 is too old for most apps as they are designed for iOS4 +

Any solutions!


geek_munday1609, Jul 19, 3:45 pm

Quote: insomnia and keep awake are apps for jailbroken iphones that let you toggle wifi on and off and will "keep wifi awake" even if your phone goes to sleep http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php!t=131409463&page=1 Quote:Wireless 802.11g disconnects when you sleep but 802.11n keeps your device connected in a low power way to support push notifications. https://discussions.apple.com/thread/3650066!start=0&tstart=0


geek_king1, Jul 19, 9:42 pm