Google chrome tracks your browsing scammers hacked

stella99990, Aug 9, 5:08pm
I installed google chrome a few weeks back and started getting spammed something bad with every con in the business including phishing. Worked out it was chrome even though I had set all the security stuff in it. Dumped it the other day and the scams have stopped. The scammers were from Nigeria and must be hacking into chrome database where the information on your browsing habits are stored. I would go to a site and within a short while would get a scam email relating to that site. My son uses gmail and he hasn't had that happen to him but I use my isp email address.

suicidemonkey, Aug 9, 6:53pm
Lol pretty sure if nigerian hackers could see your browsing history then chrome wouldn't have been most secure browser like 3 years running.heard of coincidence !

smoshy16, Aug 10, 1:12am

oclaf, Aug 10, 1:36am
Obvious PEBKAC is obvious.

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