Satmax Sm801a Freeview receiver problem

brad, Aug 16, 8:46am
Up until now this receiver was going pretty well. But two days ago it flipped out and now we can only have the picture stay on the screen in the channel edit section of the menu. When powering up, "BO10025" (i think) is displayed on the Satmax box itself, then "buf" and "bra" when it starts loading on the screen. Satmax title screen comes up, then the actual programme (channel) but with a light blue box in the top right corner that says "updating". Five seconds later it goes through the whole process again. I have been given software from Satmax, but this won't load either. I don't think it's the aerial, but it probably the box? Any ideas what is going wrong?

nizmad@hotmail.c, Aug 17, 11:49am
Hey there,
Just been thru something similar with mine,
Found the problem to be caused by a failing capacitor on the board.
easy to check if this is the case in yours, unplug power first!
pop the top off, inspect all capacitors for signs of swelling.
take a look the the tops, where there is generally a X stamped.
the one i found was in the middle of the lower edge of the board
1000uF 10v its the only one of that size in there.
replaced mine with 1000uF 16v to be sure it wont happen again!!!

Keep in mind this absolutely will void any warrantee but i suspect your unit will be outside a year old by now. =)

nizmad@hotmail.c, Aug 17, 12:02pm
Oh and, this software given by Satmax,
Any chance i could get a copy?
i cant seem to reach anyone at the best of times, thought they'd folded up!

guest, Jul 2, 12:10am
Their customer relations has never been very good, i would suggest this may have something to do with not being able to get anyone there now, despite their answerphone messages. I would have thought there was a lot of work out there for this type of business. Ive been unable to get a problem with my pvr fixed by them, now u cannot contact them...Poor service

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