Sound coming out of headphones but not speakers.

Moved house and when put back on there is no sound from speakers.
This has happened before but can't remember what to do.
I know it was something easy but what! I think I just clicked on something
and it came back.Any help please.

geek_clivehell, Sep 1, 7:55 am

On stereo! Computer! Unplugged headphones!

geek_hakatere1, Sep 1, 8:55 am

bahahaha where is that crystal ball.

geek_velenski, Sep 1, 9:41 am

Computer.The little light on the speaker is green,but no sound comes out
from them.The headphones sound is fine.
Have just checked the plugs and all are in ok.
The sound on the computer is up high.

geek_clivehell, Sep 1, 10:31 am

And did you unplug your phones!

geek_hakatere1, Sep 1, 12:52 pm


geek_clivehell, Sep 1, 12:55 pm

There should be a setting in the sound menu on the control panel, it could be set to headphones, deselect it and choose speakers.

geek_tjl2008, Sep 1, 9:43 pm

Do you have a choice where to plug the speakers in at the back of the computer! I know it sounds dumb but i had a soundcard installed once and had the same problem. Having two areas to choose from when plugging in.

geek_jhan, Sep 1, 9:45 pm