Not computing - but Sky TV problem. Help ?

kapitignome, Sep 1, 2:48am
Had a new sky box installed as previous one died.Husband complaining the people are all too skinny.Have rung sky and told the box only has 3 aspects - centre cut, letter box, or 16.9 - the latter being the normal and recommended.
I checked and Put TV to 16.9 as well - but makes people too skinny.
Panasonic TV I can change the aspect to Zoom2 which makes the people satisfactory to hubby, but it does not alter when he is watching SKY. Can anyone advise me if there is a solution to this problem !Tis ruining my weekend !

stevel_knievel, Sep 1, 2:54am
Is the TV a flatscreen!

spyware, Sep 1, 3:26am
Change sky box to centre cut (4:3 ratio image cut from 16:9 frame) and enjoy fatsovision again. Most likely you had the old decoder on the wrong setting so your husband got used to horizontally stretched images and had no idea that most channels have been converted to 16:9 ratio over the years. And I guess he also watches analog transmissions which are all 4:3.

Sky box should be on 16:9 and TV should be on 16:9 (assumes a 16:9 ratio TV)

suicidemonkey, Sep 1, 5:47am
Yeah I'd say you were previously using the wrong setting and got used to it.

If Sky and TV are both set to widescreen or 16:9 you should be fine

kapitignome, Sep 1, 6:53am
Thank you all.Spyware - you are probably right - had old decoder for 8 or more years.Will duly try out. Cheers.Was getting ready to throw the lot out on the front lawn !

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