I Want To Upgrade From XP to Vista.

ailurophile, Aug 28, 9:24pm
can i take XP off my laptop and put Vista or win 7 on it !thanks.
New to computing, so please put answer in plain words.thanks lol

gilco2, Aug 28, 9:35pm
dont know if you can. Need to know either make and model laptop,how much ram it has what processor. Or as long as know what the full specifications are. Personally I would now skip Vista and put Windows 7. But of course if you dont want to buy Win 7 and have a spare Vista licence then yeah go fo it.

reeveopd, Aug 28, 9:41pm
Don't waste your time with Vista. Windows 7 is a better product.

To see if your PC is ready for Windows 7, download the free Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor. It scans your PC for potential issues with your hardware, devices, and installed programs, and recommends what to do before you upgrade.


ailurophile, Aug 28, 9:44pm
thanks for that guys. very helpful. cheers.

j-solo-project, Aug 28, 9:52pm
bypass vista and just upgrade to 7. vista was a horrible OS

r.g.nixon, Aug 28, 10:31pm
Wait till October 26th and get Windows 8 for $US40. as long as you have 2GB of RAM.

reeveopd, Aug 28, 10:40pm
Windows 8! No thanks.

hopie, Aug 29, 12:15am
check the manufactures website and look if there are window 7 drivers for your laptop. first step.

look at if you are wanting to run 32bit or 64bit windows 7. 32bit should be fine and the min requirements are less than 64. min 1Ghz CPU 1GB Ram and 16GB free hard drive space (formatting will give you pleanty on install anyway). second step.

if these are successful

Purchase said windows 7 CD - if its for home use then home Windows 7 home will do, else get Pro (note the upgrade version does a clean install anyway). Also if you dont have an external hard drive for all the stuff you want to keep get one of those as well . third step

if copying your pictures etc download Windows Easy Transfer (google it) and run that with the external hard drive plugged in. it will also give you a report of what programs are installed as well. These will need to be re-installed so run something like magic jellybean or similar to get any software keys. also download the window 7 drivers for your laptop and save them to the hard drive. Third step

Once all done and your happy you have everything you need put the windows 7 disk in, restart the machine, boot from the CD, and load the software. it's pretty much next next accept license agreements blah blah blah.

Once its done plug in external hard drive and install the drivers, then everything should be sweet. Leave all your movies, music and photos on the external and see how much quicker it has become as well lol.

Was that in plain words!

smiley, Aug 29, 12:20am
If you want wins Xp or wins 7, you need the wins 7 or Xp disk to install it onto your laptop and follow the instructions.
I recommend wins 7.

mark.52, Aug 29, 12:44am
Personally, I'd recommend sticking with XP, and then when it's no longer supported, buying a new computer designed to run the newer operating system.

There's sometimes a bit of messing around with drivers etc to install Vista or 7 onto an XP-based computer. Unless the computer was pretty high-spec, it wouldn't run the operating system that well.

hakatere1, Aug 29, 12:50am
Upgrade from xp to vista! More like a downgrade. Either stick with xp, or go straight to win7

fordluva, Aug 29, 2:27am
not neccesarily the case, I tried to install the pre release on my desktop which has 4gb ram amongst other things, and it said my machine wasnt up to spec, yet it runs both vista and 7 without a hitch, Ill stick with 7 I think.

j-solo-project, Aug 29, 2:36am
i tried the beta for windows 8. What a disappointment. performance wise its ok. but metro! wtf!!!!!

r.g.nixon, Aug 29, 3:04am
Just get 'Classic Shell' - no need to use the Metro stuff.

cameragod, Aug 29, 6:12am

tigra, Aug 29, 10:12pm

ailurophile, Aug 30, 12:32am
thanks for all the info guys, most helpful.i would love to buy a new lappy. but no cash to do so.lol

volkier, Aug 30, 4:56am
In plain words - XP > Vista = DOWNGRADE.

And yes, you can chuck Win7 on it if you so wish, but you do need to know what hardware your laptop has so you can download the drivers for it (ideally before you reinstall with the new OS)

payntr, Aug 30, 6:06am
and whats wrong with vista!

carlie, Aug 30, 9:30pm
I agree with this. I remember going to a great deal of trouble to get a laptop with XP on it when Vista was standard.

gj, Aug 31, 12:17am
Totally agree - don't even attempt to install Vista on a laptop unless it has all Vista certified drivers, and even then its not guaranteed to be reliable.
I have just spent the best part of 2 days trying to resurrect a 4 year old Compaq notebook after the customer took it in for repair and was told it needed a new hard drive and that all data was lost. She brought to us instead (I have recovered all her data and the HDD is perfectly OK) but turns out to be a major compatibility issue with some Vista hot patches. I have spent way too much time on it but wanted the satisfaction of isolating the problem so I'm now installing XP Pro (It originally came with dual OS media).

payntr, Aug 31, 6:45am
i have vista on my laptop never had a problem,so i don't understand all this negativity with vista .

little_egypt, Aug 31, 6:52am
My experience has been that any machine which runs XP-SP3 well enough will handle windows 7 just fine. And I have been AMAZED at how much better it is about hardware support, video drivers are just about the only thing I ever need to sort out. If your current machine has 1GB or memory and a reasonable CPU I'd say go for it.

But absolutely forget about Vista, it blows. And from what I've seen Windows8 is going to be as bad again.

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