Best place to get advice re tablets

toystoystoys1, Aug 28, 9:30am
I've been to Noel Lemming, Dick Smith and Harvey Norman and they don't know their products grrrr

I need some help where would be the best place to go please (in chch)

Also can you watch tvnz on demand on an android tablet!


mikep, Aug 28, 10:27am
Check out a magazine rack - there have been a number of articles about what to look for in tablets - ie OS, size, speed, sockets, memory etc.

It's not so much where to go, but what you want first, then look around. Don't expect Dickys, Hardly Normal etc to know their tablets - they will probably just try and sell you an iPad. In Auckland, JB Hifi sell a wide range of tabs but they don't have a branch in Chch. Warehouse Stationery have a limited range (iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Vigo) so you could check them in Papanui or Riccarton.

There are a few experts on here, somewhere. ;-)

morticia, Aug 28, 11:14am
I think I could watch On Demand on this tablet if my ISP was recognised as being in NZ.

lostdude, Aug 28, 11:45am
Yes, if it's running Android v2.3 and above.

toystoystoys1, Aug 28, 6:14pm
thanks for your replies.

is there an app for tvnz on demand cause when people demonstrating it (new version ice cream android 4) it won't work.

If someone can answer this question would be great.

Can you hotspot an asus from your smart phone!


gilco2, Aug 28, 7:22pm
Android 4.0 supports flash. On some tablets you may need to download flash from the Play Store.BUT Android 4.1 Jell bean will not be supported by Adobe.I can say flash does work on Jelly Bean as I have used it

ians2, Aug 28, 7:59pm
I can wifi hotspot all of my tablets and pc's from my smartphone, in fact I was not aware that there were any restrictions. Can you please tell me why if a smartphone is set up as a wifi hotspot that it won't work as a wifi access point for anything!
The only restrictions that I have been aware of is in the USA where they charge $$$$ so that you can allow your smartphone to be used as a hotspot.

hakatere1, Aug 29, 1:29am
LOL, bit like the staff at wh. When you ask them where so and so is, they haven't got a clue and all they do is help you look for it. Well meaning, but uninformed.

vtecintegra, Aug 29, 5:48am
Correction - Flash in now entirely unsupported, in facts its no longer even available in the Play store

jules555, Aug 29, 6:23am
Chris Evans at Harvey Norman northwood was brillant when I bought mine last week

quotejoss, Aug 29, 6:26am
there are plenty of flash players on play store, if you mean adobe, then its till on the store, just wont install on 4.0 and above.

vtecintegra, Aug 29, 6:27am
None of which work very well.

You can still find the official one which works okayish, but you'd have to hunt down the apk outside of the market

quotejoss, Aug 29, 6:29am
moai works ok.

some people say its choppy but i havn't had that yet.

guess i'll go hunt down that apk before it vanishes forever

vtecintegra, Aug 29, 6:33am
That's just an offline flv player - I don't see how it helps with TVNZ on demand at all

quotejoss, Aug 29, 6:34am
well something on my phone plays nz on demand

vtecintegra, Aug 29, 6:38am
Probably the official Flash plugin from back when it was available.

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