Internet Security - Norton or MSS?

shedz2, Aug 27, 9:49am
I currently use Microsoft Security Suite on our laptop.My mother has just bought a laptop and was going to pay for Norton (360 Premier Edition). I reckon MSS is as good (if not better). What are you thoughts! Any comments / recommendations greatly appreciated. Thanks

king1, Aug 27, 9:53am
Microsoft. If you want to pay for one go Eset

r.g.nixon, Aug 27, 9:54am
Panda Global Protection 2013. I'm using a free beta version.

gibler, Aug 27, 10:00am
don't get Nortons . there is only one or two posters on here who ever recommend it.

chnman, Aug 27, 10:15am
If you are happy with Microsoft Security Essentials on your laptop, and don't need the extras that a security suite like Norton 360 or Norton Internet Security has, then for now, stick with it.

I use Norton Internet Security, which doesn't have the backup and cleanup utilities that Norton 360 has. Most retail versions of Norton Internet Security and 360 can be used on up to 3 computers. The Standard version of Norton 360 has 2GB online backup, and the Premier version has 25GB - that is the only difference, so if your mother isn't wanting to buy it for that reason, she should go for either the standard Norton 360, or Internet Security.

Norton have a 60 day money back guarantee, so your mother might wish to buy Norton, and if you decide it works well you might even decide to uninstall MSE and replace it with Norton.

mark.52, Aug 27, 10:34am
Most people will be inclined to diss Norton because of its past reputation as a resource-hungry hog.

The modern versions (since 2010, I think) have turned in a big improvement. Still, the haters hate.

I wouldn't put it on one of my machines, but if someone gave me a sub I'd use it. I'm a happy Avast user. There's a free version.

chnman, Aug 27, 10:35am
If you wish to trial Norton for yourself, here are the links easiest to use that don't require much from you to enter - just creation of a Norton account. Make sure you uninstall any existing antivirus/internet security programs before installing.

These are best to use, as unfortunately the usual trial links you'll come across on Symantec's website require more details. The trials are for 15 days. So maybe you/your mother should trial first. Also, the versions on the links below are the most current "program" version, much updated than the CD in the box that you buy in store. If your mother decides to buy the product at a retail store, she only needs to enter the license key on the CD envelope, and NOT install again from the CD.

2013 versions are coming up soon, though you can update with no charge as long as you have current subscription. Also, next version of Norton 360 will not be v7, it is "2013" like the other Norton software.

Norton Antivirus 2012: Norton Internet Security 2012:
Norton 360 version 6 standard: 360 version 6 premier:

bryshaw, Aug 27, 8:57pm
I update Nortons every year online and each new version seems to get better.

gibler, Aug 27, 9:50pm
3 happy Nortons users and rising!

gj, Aug 27, 10:05pm
Norton Internet Security all the way!
Yes there are some old thinkers "Once bitten etc." who remember the versions prior to 2005 or earlier that were resource hungry, but it's still one of the best security apps. A waste of money getting Norton 360 IMO as the other tools included are more freely available, NIS is more cost effective and only $20 with a new PC.
Having said all that - MSS is also very good, and would be my pick of the freebies.
Remember there is NO one security app that will prevent every type of malware AND cleanup and recovery 100 % of the time.

waynenz, Aug 27, 10:41pm
I use free Avast. Never had any viruses getting through.

nzoomed, Aug 27, 11:00pm
While Nortons has improved, it still has a long way to go, and they have damaged their reputation so much, that ill never use it or recommend it ever.
I used to be a big fan of AVG for a while, but have found that they are heading down the same track as nortons, being resource hungry, Avira is good, but again the newer versions are running slower, plus all the annoying popups it gives you.
On the other hand, you've got Avast, which IMO seems to be improving speedwise, and ive been really impressed how it handles and removes bad infections, Panda cloud is extremley lightweight and so far, i cant find anything to complain about it either.

wind.turbine, Aug 27, 11:02pm
here we go again.someone chuck me the popcorn

velenski, Aug 27, 11:20pm

gj, Aug 28, 2:06am
LOL - still plenty of dogmatic neophytes to come!

webworth, Aug 28, 7:36am
I've been happy with Avastbut as it is about to expire I've been trying to renew for another year.Haven't succeeded yet because I refuse to accept the Avast conversion rate of A$29.99 = NZ$61.69.Is anyone else having a similar problem trying to renew Avast Internet Security 7 !

nzoomed, Aug 28, 10:00am
just use their free one :)

chnman, Aug 28, 11:42am
You must have either the Avast Pro or Internet Security. I looked on their forum, it seems the best way to deal with this is to "submit a ticket" with Avast. (Technical Support).!_m=tickets&_a=submit

hakatere1, Aug 28, 3:50pm
AUD stronger than USD and heaps stronger than NZD at the moment and also we are 15% gst, whereas they are only 10%. That's the difference in price. Yeah, use the free Avast or better still (imo) Panda Cloud. Just as good, or better than the paid for avs.

chnman, Aug 28, 7:43pm
There is no way that AUD 29.99 is equivalent to NZD 61.69. Something must be wrong on the website. OP should contact Avast support, not abandon it and go to a free option.

j-solo-project, Aug 28, 9:59pm
ive used avast IS a year ago as a paid option. it bet snorton hands down.

guest, May 4, 3:39pm
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