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aredwood, Aug 27, 9:06am
I have two seperate 2TB hard drives. One is installed in my desktop computer and the other one in an external case. I have the same data on both with the intention being that each drive is a backup of the other. Problem is trying to make sure that the data on each drive is up to date.

Is there a program that will scan one of the drives and any files that are missing or different will then get copied over from the other drive. I don't want a program that combines all of my files into just 1 file. Thanks in advance.

aredwood, Aug 27, 9:10am
Forgot the important bit - OS is win XP prof SP3

little_egypt, Aug 27, 9:11am
rsync does this under linux (not just over the network, it can be used between two drives or even just two directories on the same machine too)

There are ports of rsync for windows such as deltacopy which might do what you want.

gibler, Aug 27, 9:17am
cobian backup.

badcam, Aug 27, 9:27am

_drdee_, Aug 27, 9:29am
Do you also drive a Cortina!

r.g.nixon, Aug 27, 9:33am
I use Karen's Replicator (freeware) for that.

badcam, Aug 27, 9:44am
An oldy, but a goody. One of the best Windows programmes.

jcmp21, Aug 27, 9:55am
DD will do a clone of the drives

little_egypt, Aug 27, 9:56am
DD is the WORST tool to use. Got 20GB of files on a 500GB drive, of which only 300MB have actually been updated! No problem. DD will painstakingly copy the entire 500GB including ALL OF THE EMPTY SPACE!

pheonix, Aug 27, 10:44am
Allway Sync is free and easy to set up.

jcmp21, Aug 27, 10:51am
you've never used it have you!

johnf_456, Aug 27, 11:01am
The mircosoft sync toy is suprisingly not too bad.

little_egypt, Aug 27, 11:01am
I've used dd many times for many different tasks. I've even used it to clone drives. For cloning drives, dd has quite significant restrictions that filesystem-aware tools don't. It also doesn't take much of an error to clone your new, empty drive back onto the one you intended to back up, destroying all your data in the most unrecoverable possible way. In a backup situation where only part of the drive is used and even less actually changes between backups, dd is the most inefficient tool you could use. There's just no possible way that I could consider dd an 'appropriate' tool for what the OP wants.

jcmp21, Aug 27, 11:03am
Have you used clonezilla!

little_egypt, Aug 27, 11:15am
Briefly. I believe clonezilla mostly uses ntfsclone. I normally use ntfsclone for cloning windows filesystems, tar for cloning linux filesystems, and rsync for keeping backups.

jcmp21, Aug 27, 11:20am
Based on Partclone (default), Partimage (optional), ntfsclone (optional), or dd to image or clone a partition. However, Clonezilla, containing some other programs, can save and restore not only partitions, but also a whole disk.

aredwood, Aug 27, 11:55am
Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I have tested Karen's Replicator and it does exactly what I want.

Now I just have to install the ACHI drivers for my HDD controller so I can use Esata instead of usb for doing the backups.

aredwood, Aug 27, 12:04pm
I actually drive a 1989 corolla. Is that old enough!

And yes I know that WinXP is old but it meets my needs. I will change to Linux when Microsoft and other companies generally stop supporting it.

little_egypt, Aug 27, 12:05pm
"I will change to Linux when Microsoft and other companies generally stop supporting it."

. Uhhh, I don't think they've ever supported it ;-)

aredwood, Aug 28, 8:58am
I meaning when they stop supporting Win XP LOL.

jay5150, Aug 28, 9:13am
I had a funny feeling it was an 'in joke'

guest, Aug 3, 9:15am
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guest, Aug 4, 11:07pm
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guest, Aug 7, 1:27am
. Send the HD to SSP, or Wan Chai etc. They only charge an asssesment fee ($100-300) first. Try more than one shops, price quite variable. You can get back the HD and refuse further recovery if the price is too high. My 500G HD cost me $1200 a few months ago. But i don't know whether my HD got similar problem as yours. Another issue is security problem, whether they could get a copy of your HD and explore your data/privacy i don't know.Good luck !Cheers,Bill

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