3G prepaid on iPad

Hi just after a few opinions, I have an ipad i sometimes use with 3g prepaid with telecom costing me a mint, any one using vodaphone or skinny for data purpose only

geek_naki-gurl, Aug 28, 6:39 pm

Prepaid data is expensive. easiest to pay $12 a month for 500MB or whatever it is at the moment

geek_suicidemonkey, Aug 28, 6:47 pm

skinny is good, they have data only plans at good prices

geek_quotejoss, Aug 28, 7:03 pm

that's the one I'm swinging towards at the mo, I've been on telco me 25 for 500mb skinny is 8 for 600

geek_naki-gurl, Aug 28, 7:04 pm

if you just want data its $4 a week for 200mb a week ($16 for 800mb a month)

geek_quotejoss, Aug 28, 7:21 pm

awesome thanks quote think thats looking the best

geek_naki-gurl, Aug 28, 8:17 pm