Sky tv fault

pjoh, Aug 27, 8:16pm
loaned a sky decoder on the weekend and plugged it in, had picture for about 5 mins and then it switched to rain fade message. checked my dish lnb and made sure the decoder was at the correct setting stil no picture,please any ideas

mrtoken, Aug 27, 8:19pm
Have you called sky!

jeremy_74, Aug 27, 8:19pm
ring Sky 0800 759 759

pjoh, Aug 27, 8:36pm
i can not ring sky because the decoder belongs at my friends house not at mine, so i dont think they would help me

hakatere1, Aug 27, 8:47pm
Do you get the rain fade message on all channels! If not, it will almost certainly be a faulty lnb. How did you "checked my dish lnb"! It won't look any different if it's f or not. Only way to tell is get hold of another one, borrow or buy.

d.laidlaw, Aug 27, 10:56pm
When was the last time the dish went!

fifie, Aug 27, 11:42pm
Lol don't think they would.Rain fade kept coming up on ours took about 4 diff decoders to sort it plus moving dish to another part of the house.Good luck

pjoh, Aug 28, 12:25am
Rain fade on all channels, checked the lnb on the roof to make sure it is 10750 and set the decoder to this feq. decoder works fine at the other house and sky worked fine once at my place, it is like something locks as i said it works but after five or so mins it just switches to rain fade

gyrogearloose, Aug 28, 3:27am
It's probably been reported stolen, and the card has been blocked (this blocking instruction is played in a loop on the satellite feed, so takes a few minutes to come around, which is why it initially worked).

pjoh, Aug 28, 3:34am
not stolen as it works at the place it came from and i have tried two different decoders and both do the same thing

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