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mcscottwgtn, Aug 27, 1:20am
Haven't been able to make my wireless printer function as wireless. Is it because I need a cord between the printer and the flashing box (modem/router)!

princelee, Aug 27, 1:28am
its not a wireless printer if you need a cord (ethernet cable).

mcscottwgtn, Aug 27, 1:29am
Its a epsom wi fi earthanet! Just when you search for it, nothing comes up. Useless.

stevel_knievel, Aug 27, 1:31am
What model number is it! Sometimes you need to connect it when first setting up.

mcscottwgtn, Aug 27, 1:33am
the help section is hopeless on there software

d.snell, Aug 27, 1:46am
Yes, a wireless printer need to be plugged into the existing wireless lan. The printing goes to the lan wirelessly, not directly to the printer. The printer doesn't have any wireless receiver in it.

mcscottwgtn, Aug 27, 1:54am
Cool, understood.Will find a cord to link it to the router thingy. Ta

stevel_knievel, Aug 27, 2:33am
Here's the setup guide. Looks as though you need a USB cable when setting up wifi.

gyrogearloose, Aug 27, 2:42am
No, a wireless printer does not need to be plugged into a wireless lan using a cable. The printer has a wireless receiver in it, and any printing sent from PC's or laptops connected wirelessly or otherwise goes to the printer via the wireless connection.

The wireless printer does however need to have a power cable connected.

Run the install CD that came with the printer on each PC or laptop, so that each finds the wireless printer using the setup wizard.

d.snell, Aug 27, 3:22am
It doesn't connect to the router, directly, It connects to a computer via usb and that computer needs to be on the same wireless lan as the printers that want to connect wirelessly to it. You will need a usb cable, not a lan cable.

d.snell, Aug 27, 3:26am
Maybe some of the top-end have a receiver and can run completely wirelessly, but most of the cheapies require a fixed wire PC connected to them to run. They use that computers spooling capabilities to print pages, else they would need a huge amount on onboard processing power and memory to even print an 8x4 colour photo. Most inkjets have zilch memory in them.

_sms_, Aug 27, 3:31am
Are you for real!

A WIRELESS printer is just that (except for the power cable lol).A NETWORK printer requires a LAN cable.

You're a computer tech!

gyrogearloose, Aug 27, 3:42am
I've got a low-end Canon multifunction. If a vendor claims a device to be "wireless 802.11" then by crikey they had better include that transceiver in the box, even if it does have a USB cable. By using the wireless connection, rather than the USB cable, it avoids the requirement for a specific PC to be turned on before the printer can print. Printjobs from each computer are spooled on the originating computer, this is the point of inserting the install CD on each PC or Laptop, so that it sets everything up automatically and locates the wireless printer. Yes, I believe all of the current multifunctions and printers do have significant processing power and memory, and the top range devices have internal connectors for even more memory and function cards for postscript etc.

d.snell, Aug 27, 3:46am
So you have to install a printer driver on your laptop then! What's the point of having a wireless printer then! How do you print from a ipad, netbook, android device then!

gilco2, Aug 27, 3:47am
cant remember offhand the wireless epson I had a few years ago but it was the same as my Canon in that on the lcd on printer you select wireless then input your modem name and password for it to connect to modem just like you need to do to connect computer wirelessly to modem.You do have a wireless modem dont you!
If you dont have wireless modem you will need to connect to modem with ethernet cable

black-heart, Aug 27, 3:50am
Jesus wept, this thread is so wrong.

gyrogearloose, Aug 27, 3:53am
Yes, you run the install CD and it locates the wireless printers on the network and installs the driver and sets up the queue. Netbooks, you might run the setup from a network share. iPads and Androids, you might look for an installer on the manufacturers website, or setup the printer manually using the printers IP address or share name.

d.snell, Aug 27, 4:15am
Well the ipad I have just connected to a Canon MG Inkjet multifunction didn't need anything at all. When you tapped print on the screen, up popped the Canon printer as a choice and it printed a A4 full colour hi-def photo. The printer hasn't got any internal memory and the ipad doesn't have a lot either, so where is it spooled!
Yes, I concede that some top end laser printers may run fully self contained, but I doubt that a $79 Canon Wireless Multifunction Inkjet is anywhere near that sophisticated.

shazpetal, Aug 27, 4:19am
grief you guys are enough to confuse anyone. I am a nana and I connected my "wireless" which means no wires lol all by myself.
you just need a wireless router and the install cd that came with the printer and hey presto it's done. I now sit in the lounge with my lap top and send stuff to the printer in the bedroom.

gyrogearloose, Aug 27, 4:31am
Of course they have some internal memory. In the case of your iPad, my expectation is that it's spooled on your iPad. If your Canon MG is like my Canon MG with memory card slots on the side "PictBridge" when it's printing photo's from memory cards, I'd expect it to be spooling on the internal memory (you definitely don't need any PC turned on to print from memory cards).

d.snell, Aug 27, 4:44am
Hmm! I suppose I just assumed they couldn't, Next time I'm at the premises, I'll do a test with the PC turned off and then see if the ipad can still print.

shaneo2, Aug 27, 4:55am
Ipad's and iphones can only print directly to an "Airprint" compatible printer or can be "shared" to an ipad, iphone from a Mac/PC via third party software. A lot of the canon mg series are airprint compatible hence the ease you experienced printing from your ipad.

A wireless printer should connect to the network wirelessly like any other wireless device (laptop,phone etc) as long as there is a WAP/Wless Modem/Router. Once added to the network your laptop etc should find it during a normal printer wizard install or by running the printer disc inc with the printer

mcscottwgtn, Aug 27, 7:10am
I do have a wireless modem. One would think you switch the printer on, then hit print on the laptop which finds the printer and prints.

shazpetal, Aug 27, 7:41am
i went to devices and printers and clicked on add printer and everything just kind of done itself once the computer found the driver for the printer

dunedin_ree, Aug 27, 7:46am
Yes, *after you have set the printer up*.

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