Wireless printer cuts out wifi signal

savanna71, Aug 27, 7:40am
Hi we have a wireless printer that is connected via a usb cable eveytime we turn the printer on we lose our wireless connectivity. im assuming there is some kind of conflict on wifi setting is there a way of correcting this or blocking the ability of the printer accessing our wireless as it is connected via a usb cable anyway. Thanks

gyrogearloose, Aug 27, 8:03am
Try turning off the wifi mode on the printer, or changing the IP address so that their is no conflict with any other devices on the network. Running the install CD will run the wizard that drags you through these options.

jap_parts1, Aug 27, 8:09am
what is the brand and model of printer! have you tried google

savanna71, Aug 27, 8:13am
Printer doesnt have the ability to disable WIFI. we have reinstalled the software to connect by USB instead of WIFI but it has made no differance. How do we change the IP address!

spyware, Aug 27, 8:14am
We are just reading the manual for you now. Please post model number.

gyrogearloose, Aug 27, 8:27am
Of course it does.

savanna71, Aug 27, 8:35am
Obviously you know how, do tell!

savanna71, Aug 27, 8:36am
Sorry about that is a Canon MG3160

gyrogearloose, Aug 27, 8:49am
The manual says to press the Maintenance button repeatedly until the printer displays a G, then press the Color button to enable the wireless LAN connection and the Black button to disable it.

savanna71, Aug 27, 9:57am
Have just done this and whilst it does appear to turn off the WIFI light on the printer the problem remains and everytime the printer is turned on the WIFI drops out

spyware, Aug 27, 11:36am
Print out the network setting information

Maintenance/n/Color or Black button.

P.S. IP address is changed using IJ Network Tool.

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