Why can't I play music from palm drive on to tv

hibees1, Aug 27, 8:40am
A friend down loaded some music on to a seagate hard drive I bought when I was in Europe. I got it home and tried to plug it into my sony tv but nothing happened . It works hen i plug it intonmy laptop though. Has any body got any ideas what I'm doing wrong. Should probably add I'm rubbish with anything to technical.

gyrogearloose, Aug 27, 8:50am
If it has a socket for an external power supply, then plug an external power supply in. It's probably 5 volts.

gyrogearloose, Aug 27, 8:53am
Oh, and the other thing to check is that the drive must be formatted in FAT32 to work on a TV (I haven't seen one that supports NTFS). Check using your laptop in the drive properties. If you need to reformat the drive, firstly copy the files to somewhere else, then use FAT32FORMAT (download it), and finally copy your saved files back onto the drive.

stevel_knievel, Aug 27, 8:54am
The Hard drive may be in NTFS format, for most devices it needs to be in FAT32 format.

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