Editing a pdf file.adobe reader

--summer--, Aug 27, 7:27am
ok so I want to edit a flyer.i.e change date on flyer.but it wont let me!
How to do this.advice please

gyrogearloose, Aug 27, 8:07am
The PDF file was created from another document, a Word document perhaps. Open the Word document, change the date, and then use your PDF writer to create a new PDF.

If you don't have the original document, you could use Adobe Acrobat, or a similar program, or, you could stick a bit of paper over the old date, write over the new date, and then scan and print the resulting mashup.

r.g.nixon, Aug 27, 8:20am
I've got a couple of customers using PDF-XChange Viewer to annotate PDF files. Not sure that you can make new text look exactly like the surrounding text though; I haven't tried.

-mung-, Aug 27, 8:25am
Note that Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Acrobat Reader are different products. One is expensive but "edits" pdf files, the other is free and just opens them.

People always come in here and recommend free alternatives to Reader that also allow some of editing like Acrobat (though along with grumbles about bloatware, open source and evil corporations), so sit tight.

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