Jst changed from telecom to vodafone

trishsolomon, Aug 26, 8:02pm
and with permanent toll bar cant use phone card even tried with a pin sooo does anyone else no what to do help would be great thanks

d.snell, Aug 26, 11:18pm
What phone card are you trying to use!

newbie5, Aug 26, 11:21pm
ring vodafone

trishsolomon, Aug 27, 1:28am
its called a GAS card and i have rung vodafone they tried with pin then without and still na and if keep taking permanent toll off they charge u $40 rip off

guyh, Aug 27, 2:22am
Who decided to change! See, the cheap deals are not all they make them out to be!

d.snell, Aug 27, 4:38am
Never heard of a GAS Card. What's it's access number that you are trying to call!

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