Saying im not the administrator.

i am running came up with a bunch of stuff.tried to remove it and it says i cant because im not the administrator.which I am.not sure why its saying this.

geek_may321, Aug 25, 8:41 pm

Right-click the .exe, 'run as administrator'.

geek_r.g.nixon, Aug 25, 9:14 pm

i did that.and its still saying im not the administrator.but i might as well delete the damn thing.

geek_may321, Aug 25, 9:32 pm

Are you wearing you administrator badge and cap!

geek_jcmp21, Aug 26, 11:30 am

when i did as poster 2 said.I had the little blue and yellow badge thing and it as administrator.I have came across this before saying I am not the administrator.but I am.only one who uses this not sure how to get round this problem.

geek_may321, Aug 27, 7:57 am

geek_king1, Aug 27, 8:19 am

I had a similar problem awhile back.
I eventually deleted the files using Malware Bytes.Part of that program is called(from Memory) File Assassin.

geek_phil1943, Aug 27, 8:23 am

Safe mode!

geek_shaneo2, Aug 27, 9:28 am

thanks.downloaded malwarebytes.scanning now.What files did you delete Phil.

geek_may321, Aug 27, 9:31 am

I was a while ago now.It was some obscure file I had not created or knowingly downloaded.Trying to delete it told me I was not the administrator and it could not be altered or deleted.Malware Bytes eventually allowed me to delete it.

geek_phil1943, Aug 27, 10:17 am