How can I reduce the font size on my laptop?

yapper, Aug 25, 9:28am
For some reason the font has got very big, so that I can't see the full screen, which is very frustrating. Would appreciate simple solution!TIA.

suicidemonkey, Aug 25, 9:36am
Can you clarify please - is it everywhere on the laptop or just while browsing the internet!

If everywhere - you need to change the resolution of your screen probably, so we need to know what operating system you run to provide further instruction.

If just while browsing the internet - try hitting CTRL and - a few times or having a look at the tools menu in your browsing for the zoom option.

yapper, Aug 25, 10:08am
Just the internet, TMe etc.
Thank you, pressed CTRL - and it came down.But will it stay down or do I have to do it each time I browse, logon!I guess i can do it and see.Thanks very much by the way.

chnman, Aug 25, 10:11am
Press Ctrl and the number zero key to reset to normal.

gr8stock, Aug 26, 5:23am
put laptop on table, take one step backward - 'tada' smaller font :) or else do what clever folks above said

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