Advice on buying new blue-ray dvd player

wron, Aug 24, 5:30am
Have just bought a new Samsung 660040" LED 3D capable telly (comes with 2 sets of glasses) and need a blue-ray player. Currently have a Panasonic dvd hard drive machine which is fine with normal dvds and will keep in the set up as I use it to make dvds from my video camera. So what to buy!
Samsung machines such as the 5500, which have 3D but no multizone!
The local video hire place sells Veon brand multi zone, Blue-ray 3D (VN2923BR) with 2 yr warranty for $200. Haven't heard of the brand, has a couple of buttons to press and make multi zoned, also has cheaper $159 machine without the 3D.
Recommendations please.

chnman, Aug 24, 7:44am

wron, Aug 24, 8:27am
Thanks very much! The very same model I mentioned in my post is on special for $124 (saving $125 using your link and $76 from the video store) with a 2 year warranty, and none of the other postershad anything negative to say about it, plus there were comments that they found it faster to load than a much more exxpensive Jap brand. By the way I had done a search but didn't know about the "all topics" option. I also forgot to mention that the video hire place man said it used Samsung components.

wron, Aug 25, 8:26am
Bumping for anyone else please.

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