Wireless adapter not being helpful.

ms_rockchick, Aug 19, 2:55am
hi everyone, i have a netgear wireless adapter and it locates networks but i cannot connect as instead of simply entering the password, it requires me to enter username, password and then a logon domain. what is a logon domain i asked telstra, they tell me its a dial up thing and to connect thru a lan and it will correct the settings for the wireless to work properly. ummm its not.

what do i do! everything is working fine except being able to simply connect with my password.
netgear and telstra helplines both told me its a microsoft issue.

d.snell, Aug 19, 2:58am
What version of windows are you using!

little_egypt, Aug 19, 3:02am
"How" are you trying to connect to the network!

Typically you should only need to click the 'wireless' icon to get a list of available networks, click on one of them, and it will ask for a password.

If you're right clicking on the wireless icon and choosing 'make a new connection' or similar then you get something totally different (similar to what you describe above) and not at all useful.

ms_rockchick, Aug 19, 3:32am
I am double left clicking on my home network and it comes back with cannot connect without additional information, and the info it want is user name password and logon domain. by rights it should only ask for a password.
I don't have a logon domain and the programme for the adapter won't open but its running perfectly fine connecting to the Telecom free wifi we pick up from down the roads phone box. oh and its windows vista.

d.snell, Aug 19, 3:37am
Do other devices connect to your home network ok!

ms_rockchick, Aug 19, 6:08am
Yep everything perfectly fine. I just uninstalled it and installed my partners one and it work fine so mine must just be getting old! Had them both same amount of years tho and his is half the adapter mine is haha but yet his is working and mine is not. Wonder if it would work on a different computer!

floydbloke, Aug 19, 6:59am
I f this is what I think it is, it is the crappy netgear driver that causes it.It brings up a login dialog box on boot-upto log on to an AD (corporate-like) domain.The OP should be able to log on to the machine using the default windows username (not the ISP one) and password if there is one, leave the domain blank.
To get rid of it, uninstall the driver software and re-install it with the ???driver only??

ms_rockchick, Aug 19, 7:10am
Looks promising! Thanks for the advice, I hope it works. I need to reinstall it now and see if it works lol.

ms_rockchick, Aug 19, 9:29am
turns out that link for driver downloads was for the other adapter. i have the WG111T
wonder if theres a driver download for that one! off i go to have a hunt around. if anyone would like to check some out in their spare time! i would appreciate help as i have no idea lol

king1, Aug 19, 10:08am
is it a WEP wireless key - this link seems to describe the probem and how to set up a manual connection


And if it is WEP you should seriously consider changing to WPA

ms_rockchick, Aug 19, 10:50am
Its wpaalready

floydbloke, Aug 23, 7:36am
Hope you're still following this thread ms_rockchick, sorry been out of town.This is worth a try (it may or may not work):
*unplug the adapter and uninstall all the netgear stuff
*go here http://support.netgear.com/product/WG111T and download the software version 2.1 (it will ask you for some details, you can fill in any old bulls**t, save you getting spam from them)
*create a new folder directly under C:\ (i.e not a subfolder), call it ng
*go into the zip file you downloaded and drag the wg111t_2_1_setup.exe file into your new folder (depending on your settings, you may or may not see the .exe bit)
*click Start->Run, type cmd and press enter
*type "cd \ng" (but don't type the quote marks) and press enter
*type "wg111t_2_1-setup.exe /a" (but don't type the quote marks) and press enter
Let it do its thing (not sure if it will ask any questions), then plug the adapter back in and hopefully it will now let you use the usual WIndows Wireless utiltiy to manage your connections rather than the Netgear stuff

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