tigra, Aug 22, 12:54am
with problems. a friendhas one that has a black stripe running down the screen. Bought 5 months ago, been running good most of the time. Retailer sent a Tisco tech to check it andhe told TV owner it "might have" been caused by impact damage. She is confident its had no such trauma. However TISC now tell the retailer it was caused by impact damage (though there's no physical signs) and they wont initiate a repair or a replacement. ( Its gone from maybe to definitely)
Question is can an electrical fault cause this black line running down the screen! Sorry I dont know how wide it is or anything else, just hoping for a few basic suggestions. She's an older person and doesnt really want the hassle of the Disputes Tribunal nd would prefer just to be able to get the retailer (NL) to replace it.

lugee, Aug 22, 12:57am
Certainly can be caused by an electrical fault, but also by impact. Trouble is n proving either way. I would expect physical signs of an impact.

kcc55a, Aug 22, 1:57am
Well if the set has been operating OK for a few months its hardly likely to have impact damage unless its een moved recently. So maybe OP's friend needs a second opinion and a cert. to say there is no visible sign of impact damage.
There have been a few electrical surges in the last 2-3 weeks wonder if thats a possibility.

mariner26, Aug 22, 3:05am
The set must still be under the store warranty.
It should be taken back to the store and a refund or (new) replacement obtained. The consumer has all of these rights under the law. The store has tried to fix it - as it is allowed to do- and has not been able to do so. Insist on the store meeting it's obligations under the law.
If there are problems with discussions with store then go to the Disputes Tribunal. No big deal with that, a simple exercise and well worth having the store learn of it's legal obligations (that it should know anyway!).
Insist on seeing the store manager in all dealings - sales staff are inept when it comes to disputes/customers and consumer rights.

tigra, Aug 22, 3:25am
Everything you say is quite correct except that the store hasnt really tried to repair it. The DT is the next step. Unfortunately the owner is, elderly,timid, and doesnt want to fight with the store, and is even more reluctant to take that step to the DT. But I think we will have to convince her this is the best solution.

mattnzw, Aug 22, 3:55am
How can they say impact damage if no signs! They have to have proof to backup their claims. I had a dell monitor do this, and dell switched it straight away.

mattnzw, Aug 22, 5:09am
I am guessing that the tv casing isn't in that good a condition, for them to come to that conclusion. Not usre if tv's have some form of shock detectors in them, like you can for couriers with fragile items, but if they do, that could have occurred before purchase anyway.

stevel_knievel, Aug 22, 5:29am
You could approach Sony directly.

texastwo, Aug 22, 9:03pm
They shouldnt have to. The CGA specifically says the retailer is responsible in the first instance. Anyway dealing with an overseas manufacturer is no easy task.

stevel_knievel, Aug 22, 9:29pm
The CGA says you can approach either. As the retailer is refusing to deal with the problem, approaching the manufacturer directly may yeild different results. Contrary to your statement, IME approaching the manufacturer directly produces quicker results. The other option is take it to the disputes tribunal which the OP has stated they are not wanting to do.

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