Reconnecting printer after modem change.

corky, Aug 20, 8:55am
Had to change my wireless modem as the old set up died. Have managed to get everything working again except for my printer, Epson Stylus NX635. Error message "printer not connected"Do I need to delete the present set up and start again by reloading the Epson supplied software or is there another method. Regards

r.g.nixon, Aug 20, 10:07am
How is your printer attached! USB to computer! Wifi to router!

corky, Aug 20, 10:38am
WiFi. Regards

r.g.nixon, Aug 20, 10:47am
Are you using a different network range now! 10.1.1.x vs 192.168.1.x (or something!)

corky, Aug 20, 11:01am
Now using, sorry haven't a clue what the old one was. It was an old D Link set up through a ether switch and separate wireless modem. Regards

spyware, Aug 21, 6:39am
And you've found out where not having a clue gets you in life.

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