Compaq power adapter

julie_, Aug 20, 11:50pm
Hi, just looking for opinions on whether it is a good idea to buy a power adapter from here!My laptop is almost 3 years old so I wasn't keen to buy one from a retailer like DSE since they are around $130.Would the cheaper ones on here be okay!
The laptop has issues - spacebar and shift key stopped working and then a couple of days later it wouldn't turn on (turned out to be the power cord, as it still worked with the battery, but now I can't charge it!)So because of the age of the laptop and the issues with keys I'm not keen to spend the extra, but should I!I feel like the whole thing will probably die soon due to the problems one after the other that happened days apart.
Thanks in advance :)

julie_, Aug 20, 11:50pm
It's a Presario CQ62

d.snell, Aug 21, 2:11am
beware of 3rd party adapters for compaqs. The need to be 100% compatible as these use smartpin technology and the notebook's bios recognises the charger. Without being compatible, the battery won't charge, but the notebook will still power up.

julie_, Aug 21, 4:00am
Thanks for that info d.snell.

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