Recommend a file managing software?

I am looking at mediamonkey and wondering if this runs in conjunction with iTunes or if it will clash with itunes! Ive tried rinse and something else I cant remember the name of but ultimately want something free if poss that will clean up all my mp3s. Would you recommend mediamonkey or anything else out there! TIA

geek_blondini13, Aug 13, 4:37 pm

Just bumping as I haven't been here for a few days. TIA

geek_blondini13, Aug 20, 8:38 pm

I haven't used these 2 together - neither used Itunes- however - the only clashing you will get is file associations - ie when you click on mp3 - which program will play it . Plus if you use MM to rename your mp3s - retag them or re-organise them into a more logical file structure ( computer doesn't care - ie you could have indiv. songs from an album in different folders - but they should still show together for the album if correctly tagged ) - however for back up & drop & drag you may want to do this .

anyway if you re-organise them - best have iTunes re-scan your computer - not sure if if actively monitors folders

geek_graemehw, Aug 21, 1:24 am

Mediamonkey is great for tagging and managing a large library of mp3s. It has an "iPod sync" plugin which I haven't used, but looking at it's a replacement for iTunes, so if you're using Mediamonkey sync you disable iTunes music sync. Instructions to do this are given on the link above.

geek_drsr, Aug 21, 8:23 am

Try this iTransfer program.

geek_guest-axe, Apr 15, 7:29 pm