Best Internal TV tuner for Freeview please.

kiwikidd77, Aug 15, 12:44am
About to build a media computer and want to put in a good quality TV tuner for Freeview Terrestrial.

Looking to build 6 core AMD system.

nichen, Aug 15, 3:38am
The TV tuner or usb tuner problems is the aerial .You still need to plug a Terrestrial aerial from the roof to get a good free reception

gilco2, Aug 15, 4:03am
I like my Avermedia Trinity. Others like happuage 2200 tuners.I have the 2200 also but do prefer my Trinity

kiwikidd77, Aug 15, 4:03am
I have a good amplified outdoor UHF antenna but wanted to know which TV Tuner card others are using these days.
I was thinking theHauppage 2200

.pc2u., Aug 15, 4:18am
cheap usb dvb-t dongle does me ok.

gilco2, Aug 15, 9:27am
the hauppage 2200 is an excellent card if you are only after terrestrial.

mattnzw, Aug 15, 10:40am
Presume you want multiple tuners. I have found just a cheap $30 usb tuner seems to do the trick.

kiwikidd77, Aug 15, 11:04am
Thanks. That's likely to be the card I get.

hdmovies, Aug 16, 9:41am
Get a HDHomeRun. It's not internal, but they work great.

aktow, Aug 20, 1:15pm
me to but it will only work on my windows xp laptop. i cannot get it to work on my windows 7 computer,,

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