TV on Demand help please

scoodiesonline, Aug 18, 12:08am
Does anyone know if it is possible to record programmes on TV on Demand to a DVD on my computer, so I can put them in my DVD player to watch on my big screen TV! I have tried looking on TV On Demand but don't currently use it as I'm still on dial up, but am thinking of going to broadband. Any help would be appreciated : )

suicidemonkey, Aug 18, 12:24am
Yes it's possible but time consuming. You'd have to find a program to capture the stream, then another program to convert the saved file and burn to DVD. But as the TV on Demand stream isn't high quality it will probably look crap on a big screen.

king1, Aug 18, 12:32am
depends on whether you can find a program to capture the streams.
this was asked a couple of months back and none of the programs suggested were able to get the tvnz or tv3 streams, I wasn't anyway.

scoodiesonline, Aug 18, 2:32am
Thanks for your replies! So is there no way to actually view TV on Demand on the TV screen unless I haul my computer out to the lounge and hook them up together!

pzkpfw, Aug 18, 2:39am
Get a PS3!

vtecintegra, Aug 18, 2:40am
Or a cheap laptop

iluvmuse, Aug 18, 3:01am
I have used "Replay Video Capture 6"to copy tvnz on demand.Nothing i could find would download the stream direct as it is copy protected.RVC6 uses some sort of screen capture setup, the results were pretty acceptable.

gyrogearloose, Aug 19, 5:32am
You don't say what kind of big screen TV you have, but certainly some of them have an ethernet socket and can be connected to the internet, and you use a keyboard to navigate like a computer.

However your problem is that you have dialup, and it simply won't work.

Going back to your original inquiry, your problem is that you have dialup; and no matter what software you find, the process of downloading the video, then perhaps converting it, then burning it to a DVD - well, you would have fallen asleep before the first disk was ready to play. This is just far too slow to be practical.

A much better solution would be to get MySky, or a recording DVD/HD unit with Freeview tuners, so that you capture the original program as it is broadcast, and then you can watch it when you're ready.

mone, Dec 1, 7:24pm
I can capture video from the main tvnz news site. Is TVNZ OnDemand videos same format!

mone, Dec 1, 7:24pm

nowittle, Dec 1, 9:31pm
tivo because you can convert recorded programmes to dvd, you cant with my sky,

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