Printer not working

kam04, Jun 27, 5:16am
Printer not working Unfortunately the change/remove window was clicked, thus the printer no longer appears in my 'currently installed programs' of course. The printer icon still appears at the bottom right hand corner of screen as normal and shows it still installed in faxes/printers but when I click 'print' to print a document, it won't print. Will I have to reinstall using the cd. Probably sounds a dumb question but I'm not a computer wizz so please answer in simple english, cheers.

rsr72, Jun 27, 5:54am
Yes, reinstall from disc. You could also go to maker's website and download latest updates for it.

domiqe1, Jun 27, 5:54am
Yes, u need to reinstall ur printer driver :o)

kam04, Jun 27, 6:26am
Cheers thanks, I thought that might be the case.

kam04, Jun 27, 7:10am
Just one more query When I installed it on my wifes computer, all I had to do was plug the printer into her computer and it automatically installed it, no printer installed there previously. I tried that with mine -- no luck.

oldman, Jun 27, 7:14am
Only possible explanation both computers are using different operating systems or versions. Some operating systems have their own printer drivers, others don't. It can also depend on whether or not the printer was connected at the timer of install (If not connected the operating system doesn't know it's there so drivers for the printer won't be installed).

kam04, Jun 27, 10:54am
**Have re installed it, now working ok, thanks for the advice.

rwb, Jun 27, 11:11am
Just do a systems restore to before window was clicked and it should work again

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