Help please - OS X 10.5.8 Macbook Pro

finn108, Aug 18, 3:20am
Hi all,

I have a Macbook Pro that is now about 3 years old, still going well.I have just gone to open my Kindle app (which I really need because I have a textbook on there) and it has said that my current operating system doesn't support Kindle.I have been running it though, so I'm guessing it's a Kindle upgrade, and going to it mentions that the Kindle for Mac app is for 10.6 and above.

Does anyone have any advice of what to do!I'm not sure what I can download as an upgrade without causing problems (I am not very good with the real nuts and bolts technical stuff) and really don't want to kill my computer.I've heard that getting Snow Leopard may cause big problems if my computer can't handle it.but if that's not the case I'm happy to do that also.

Any advice is GREATLY appreciated. it's a bit of a quandry for me :-)

finn108, Aug 18, 3:56am
I have managed to download an older version of kindle from here,

nzdoug, Aug 18, 5:21am
Dont upgrade to OS 10 .8 or your power Mac applications wont work.
I have to upgrade my adobe CS and new MYOB.
my old Appleworks wont work.
Ive got a new word proccessor, cant rember the name.

gibler, Aug 18, 5:44am
good grief - I've done heaps of upgrades to Snow Leopard (or Lion) of similar aged MB Pros, will no issues. Leopard is getting too old.

And for nzdoug: powerpc app support (i.e. rosetta)was dropped at 10.7

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