Led tv is there such a thing?

friendly_prawn, Aug 17, 2:05am
or are they all led / lcd combinations!

mone, Aug 17, 2:08am
Most are LED LCD plastic combination lol

suicidemonkey, Aug 17, 2:09am
From my understanding, LED (light emitting diode) is just the light source. LCD (liquid crystal display) is the display itself. Could be wrong.

friendly_prawn, Aug 17, 2:20am
cheers guys, sounds like it's as I thought.


drsr, Aug 17, 2:25am
OLED TVs where the pixels in the display are made of LEDs are coming, and will be seriously great, but very expensive initially. If you've seen one of the Samsung Galaxy S range of phones, it's the same type of display only much larger, and will have very deep blacks and intense colours.

friendly_prawn, Aug 17, 2:32am
sounds damn cool.

velenski, Aug 17, 4:08am

mm12345, Aug 17, 5:07am
I'm picking that while the initial prices for large panel OLED TV may be high, they'll drop extremely quickly.Samsung has already demoed a 55" OLED, Sony and Panasonic have a JV, LG will probably be there too.
Sure - they'll hang on with LCD (and plasma) and keep a little quiet and prices on the high side, as if they "pre-announce" OLED availability and affordable pricing, they'll kill revenue.
Once they've got the plants set up, it'll be full steam ahead, and it's goodbye to LCD and Plasma.Sony/Panasonic seem to think this could be as early as next year.
TV panel makers have been involved in cartels in the past - and have been spectacularly busted.This time though, Sony/Panasonic have been hurt badly - Sony through buying panels from Samsung, Panasonic from heavy investment and losses in Plasma, and buying LCD panels from LG.
They will all want to dominate - good news for the consumer.

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