Printer for home use.what to buy?

jimbillyjimbob, Aug 15, 7:21am
I have to buy another printer for home use.I want a printer that scans and prints, is cheap and the ink cartridges are cheap to buy.What do you recommend I buy!I don't use the printer very much at all. TIA

r.g.nixon, Aug 15, 7:49am
I don't think they make one like that, sorry.

jimbillyjimbob, Aug 15, 7:59am
what printer would you recommend for me!

r.g.nixon, Aug 15, 8:15am
Hard to say. I don't like HP. You will have to google/bing up some reviews or comparisons. Here is one example that might do you, Epson SX435w,

_sms_, Aug 15, 10:50pm
Stationary Warehouse have an Epson NX130 at the moment for $42.If you buy compatible catridges here on TM or from someone like Ink Venus you will save heaps consumables.

Alternatively you could refill your own.

PSI don't like HP either.

d.laidlaw, Aug 15, 11:14pm
Brothers and Epsons have served us well over the years.

Recently got a Brother MFC with an ADF which sits on the network.Managed to find the link to get it doing scan to email which is excellent inside the home :-

Rates bill arrives - scan to email (no need to turn the computer on or connect anything) then recycle the paper work.

Start my computer up later, check email and there is the rates bill in my email ready to be sorted, stored and backed up.

jimbillyjimbob, Aug 16, 12:55am
Thanks _sms_, are are the ink cartridges cheap to buy for this machine!

neofalcon, Aug 16, 1:00am
Do you print only black and white! Maybe a cheap laser printer will do. Yeah the start up cost is more than your typical ink jet but in the long run it will save you alot of money.

feebee10, Aug 16, 7:44am
Yes neofalcon, I mainly only print black and white.What printer would you suggest!

r.g.nixon, Aug 16, 7:50am
Get one like mine. Bought a Laserjet 1100 for $5 on TM. Will be picking up tomorrow. hope it has a bit of toner left.

macuser, Aug 16, 8:02am
Best option canon very good quality has all the modern features + well priced at $169 see the specs here

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