Recommend me a shopping cart - free

I am wanting a free shopping cart, that is easy to use.I get"prestashop" to unzip properly, and the google cart is so complicated.

I just want a cart Nz-ers can use to pay by credit card or by internet banking.

Help please.thanks in advance

geek_recycle_me, Aug 16, 9:38 am

Have you had a look at this!

Could be an option for a non-technical person.


geek__sms_, Aug 16, 9:46 am

mmm but it is Paypal, and a lot of customers don't want the fuss of paypal.I just want them to be able to pay with internet banking and with credit cards

geek_recycle_me, Aug 16, 11:11 am

Paypal or you can use Alertpay both these are used all the time by thousands of online marketers and I personally have never had any problems.

geek_newbie5, Aug 16, 1:16 pm

We have just started using PayPal on our new website and we love it.Please just pay by debit/credit card.It has increased our sales noticeably and we're now getting overseas interest.

The only downside is it takes a few days for payments to come through.

I was talking to my brother the other day and he and his wife have a website selling goods and are high volume traders here.

80% of their business is through PayPal!

geek__sms_, Aug 16, 3:01 pm

you can use paymate

geek_nitronz, Aug 16, 4:19 pm

Find a web host that has an autoinstaller for a cart like 'opencart' for example . That way you actually 'own' the website, and can use proper NZ payment providers like payment express.

geek_mattnzw, Aug 16, 5:02 pm

OpenCart is awesome only downside is that you have to create NZ specific modules like Internet Banking and Shipping Methods

geek_jancemord, Aug 16, 5:11 pm