HDMI - MacBook Pro to TV

ceedoubleyou, Aug 14, 8:18am
Someone please tell me what I've done wrong, disconnected & took Macbook overseas and when I reconnected Macbook via HDMI cable to TV, I had to click the "mirror display" to show computer screen up onto TV and I've somehow lost the sound to the TV, sound only on the Macbook. Everything was going fine untill I disconnected and then reconnected. TIA

thegilly, Aug 15, 2:55am
Have you checked your sound output device settings under Sound in System Preferences!

gibler, Aug 15, 3:00am
Did you click the detect displays button.

ceedoubleyou, Aug 15, 3:06am
Thanks, I'm gunna check it tonight.

ceedoubleyou, Aug 15, 9:46am
sound output it was, so blimming obvious!

ceedoubleyou, Aug 16, 1:57am
So blimming obvious init!


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