Mozilla thunderbird keeps crashing

tebb, Aug 14, 8:52pm
Its only just started in the last 24 hours.

I can open it and then it says not responding.i can sometimes download some emails then it stops responding.

I have installed all my updates.i have deleted my msf files.tried starting it up without the addons and now it wont bloody start at all arrrggghhh

drsr, Aug 14, 9:53pm
Does it work in safe mode! Try making a backup copy of all the mail files to see if it's a disk problem. Try starting up with a new profile, after backing up your old profile:

otako, Aug 14, 10:27pm
Not responding may have been emails with large attachments or a temporary maintenance issue at the isp that is being fixed.

Is the account pop or imap!

Deleting the .msf in a pop account breaks thunderbird as these files are the index to each pop email box.

Take the computer off the net and backup the thunderbird folder first, you'll need an intact copy of all the pop boxes that matches the msf you deleted.Copy the msf files back from the trash bin and see if thunerbird still works with the retrieved msf's.

If it doesn't work you'll have to reinstall thunerbird and import the boxes from backup as text files. If the mail is still on the email server (undeleted) you can download them.

drsr, Aug 14, 11:12pm
It automatically rebuilds the msf files if they're deleted, there's no need to restore them.

tebb, Aug 15, 12:16am
thanks guys.we saved our profiles.deleted it off the system.downloaded the lastest version and it still did it (version 14).after trying everything under the sun we have reinstalled version 12 and now its running fine.

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